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Pam & Larry Terpstra

Owners, Belle Gardens

We find we are excited by the thought of new love, of an everlasting love.  We are romantics at heart and cherish the thought of ever after. We adore beautiful, pretty, romantic things.  Our hearts seek the beauty of life and we feel it deeply on a wedding day executed to perfection. In our eyes, every bride is beautiful and deserves to feel accordingly.

Designing events, especially weddings is second nature.  It is in every fiber or our being. We have been creating for over 30 years.  We are inspired by the changes in this industry and welcome it. We see weddings as a day for loving romance to shine and to uphold a couples amazing love for one another.  It is a story waiting to be celebrated, waiting for their ever after.

We have deep wonderment for stunning photography, testifying to an event that is well orchestrated and a story lived out.  We get joyous at designing a visual concept shoot. One that we can creatively imagine and bring to reality. God is our inspiration and his intricate creation our pallet.  He is our master, our creator and our everything.

We are each other’s second set of eyes, hands and our biggest advocates.  We are creators of love and romance and we take that very seriously. Our love for each other has stood the test of time for 43 years.

Katy Gustafson

Coordinator, Belle Gardens

Hello, my name is Katy Gustafson and I have been blessed to be assisting Belle Gardens with creating memorable love stories since 2015. 


I love seeing a well-planned event come together and to have the opportunity to be a part of you and your sweethearts forever.  I have lived in the Spokane community since 2005 and love Spokane’s vibe and what this area has to offer.


I have the most amazing husband, Ryan, and two adorable fur babies, Brooklyn and Tig.  In my free time you can find me under a helmet and on two wheels, blowing off some steam in the wide open air.  I cannot wait to meet you personally and to be a part of your forever love story.

Craig Hansen

Owner, Milestone Music

First, let me say how thrilled I am to be partnering with Belle. It is truly a magical place for your wedding.

A little about me! I am Spokane born and raised and traveled the world in my younger days, but came back to Spokane because it is my "Home." I love the outdoors and you can find my wife Deb and I hiking, biking, kayaking, and snowshoeing as much as we can.

Music has always been my passion and it is really a part of me. I cannot think of a time where the radio was not playing loudly (too loud according to my dad) or in the background, so DJing was a perfect fit for me.

I love how music can evoke strong emotions or transport us to a special memory or time in our lives. As your DJ, my goal is to use music to help you create a memory that will last a lifetime. 

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